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Course Rating: ★★★★★

Wiley CFA review has become one of the best CFA courses available ever since Wiley Efficient Learning purchased Elan Guides many years ago. They redesigned the course with one thing in mind: to promote a better learning environment. The materials focus on helping candidates learn faster and more effectively rather than simply listing information to memorize and regurgitate on exam day.

The Wiley Certified Financial Analyst study materials are ideal for a busy professional who doesn’t have time to go to class, sit through endless lectures, spend hours at a time studying. Let’s face it. We all have lives and have other things to do instead of studying five hours a night. That’s where Wiley CFA excels.

Their patented system of “bite-sized” learning modules helps you understand and grasp the information without being overwhelming. Most lectures are 5-10 minutes in length instead of the industry standard 45-60 minutes in length. This allows you to focus on a topic, watch the lectures, practice the study questions, and review the notes in the same amount of time it takes to watch or attend a live lecture in a typical CFA review course.

There are tons of other features in the study guide including interactive exam study planners, online textbooks, and diagnostic practice exams and test banks. In other words, Wiley has included everything you need to pass the CFA exam on your first try. It’s all here. Not to mention, this course never expires! You can use it until you pass all of the CFA exam sections. You’ll never be charged a crazy reenrollment fee like you do with other companies.

As you can see, this is a really in depth set of review materials. There are tons of other features that make this a great prep course like the Wiley CFA mobile app for iPhone and Android. You can take the entire course with you in your pocket! If you are serious about becoming a certified financial analyst, I highly recommend the Wiley study materials.

Still unsure about it? You can always download a Wiley CFA free trial version and test it out for yourself. Also, I’m happy to offer great discount to you with this Wiley CFA review promo code.

Take a look at this review system and see if it’s a good fit for you!