Compare the Top 5 Best EA Exam Review Courses

Compare the best EA review courses for Enrolled AgentsGetting the best EA exam review course is the first step in your process to becoming an Enrolled Agent. It’s important to find out which one of the top EA review courses fits your learning style and will help you study the easiest and pass the exam the fastest.

Since most candidates spend upwards of 100 hours studying for the enrolled agent exam, you don’t want to be struggling with your study guide the entire time. You want something that fits the way you learn and is easy to navigate and use. Most importantly, you want something that will help you pass on your first try.

That’s the main reason why I decided to make this EA guide. I know what it’s like studying for these exams and I wouldn’t be where I am today without a course that worked for me. Here is a comparison chart of the most popular EA prep courses available today. I personally have tested each one and wrote a review of each. This way you can get a feel for each course and figure out which one is right for you. Let’s take a look!


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Fast Forward Academy Gleim Lambers ExamMatrix Wise Guides
Price $539 with
Discount Code
$598 with
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$499 with
Discount Code
$900 with
Discount Code
$200 with
Discount Code
Multiple Choice Questions 3,200 3,500 500+ 1,800 2,500
Audio Course
Mobile Access
Video Lectures
Time Limit Unlimited! 12 Months 12 months 18 months 12 months
Customer Support Forum/Message Boards with Coaches and Emails Specialized Personal Councelor None Forum/Message Boards with Coaches and Emails None
Money-Back Guarantee Only After You’ve Failed Twice Only if You Score at 85% on all Coursework
What makes it unique? Completely customizable course, Unlimited Access Forever! Largest Test Bank Real Life Illustration in Teaching Free Updates to Online Materials Most Affordable
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Fast Forward Academy EA Review

Course Rating: ★★★★★

Fast Forward Academy is a relatively new company in the Enrolled Agent exam prep industry, but it is quickly growing into the into the industry standard model. This makes perfect sense. With their fresh, new ideas about increasing the students’ study efficiency, their course materials intuitively understand what you need to work on and what you already know. There’s no wasted time.


Modern, Intuitive Course – Most courses require candidates to go through each chapter and homework section one at a time in a systematic linear fashion. But what if you already know the information in many of these chapters? You’re studying too much. FFA takes care of that by automatically redesigning your course as you go through it. They ask you questions about topics you are weak on until you understand the information. Then they move on to the next learning opportunity. In other words, your course will be completed adapted to your own knowledge base.


Extremely Affordable – Not only is Fast Forward one of the most underrated review courses, it’s also one of the most affordable. No other prep company boasts the same types of innovations and study effectiveness that FFA provides, but they cost more. This study guide is a crazy deal.


Video Lectures – Unfortunately, Fast Forward Academy does not currently have a full course of video lectures. Thus, if videos are a big deal for your study habits, this might not be the right course. However, I think FFA has designed a course that doesn’t really require videos. Since you aren’t simply going through the next section everyday, you are more focused on learning information than watching lectures. On a side note, FFA never expires!

– Read my full analysis of Fast Forward Academy EA Review and decide for yourself! –



Gleim EA Review

Course Rating: ★★★★★

Gleim has been around forever. They started in the early 1970s and have been helping accountants become professionals ever since. The Gleim EA courses have proven to be one of the most popular review guides in the last few decades because their system works.


Largest Test Bank – Most people will tell you that practicing as many multiple choice questions as possible is a good strategy for the exam. They are right. I’d recommend the same thing. Gleim agrees. They’ve created the largest multiple-choice question test bank out of any company. You don’t have to worry about seeing the same questions over and over when going through this prep course.


Access Until You Pass – You can’t go wrong with a course that allows you to keep using it until your pass the exam. Gleim offers their trademarked Access until you pass program where you can keep using the unlimited practice exams and study sessions until you actually pass the exam. No repurchase or reenrollment fees!


Lots of Info – As with all Gleim products, the Enrolled Agent prep course is not a condensed study guide. They explain things in detail and give you a lot of info about everything. This is good for some people. It can also be difficult for others who just want to know the basics they need to memorize in order to pass.

– Read my full analysis of Gleim EA Review and decide for yourself! –