Fast Forward Academy EA Review Course

Fast Forward Academy EA review course study guide coupon code

Course Rating: ★★★★★

Fast Forward Academy is a revolutionary company that has been changing the way candidates study for the Enrolled Agent exam for years. The thought behind the Fast Forward EA prep course is why study the information you already know. Why would you spend extra time to read and “learn” things that you already have a good understanding of? Makes sense right? Of course it does. There’s no point to keep reviewing the same information over and over after you already understand it.

FFA developed a patented process of understanding what you know and testing you on what you don’t know. This saves you tons of study time because you only see questions on topics you have a weak understanding of.

There are tons of other features in the study including interactive study planners, intelligent online textbooks, and diagnostic practice exams. It’s all here. They have also introduced new video explanations for the more challenging topics. Since this course never expires, you can use it until you pass all of the EA exam sections. You don’t have to worry about crazy reenrollment fees like you do with other companies.

As you can imagine, this is a pretty in depth set of review materials. There are tons of other features that make this a great prep course if you are serious about becoming an enrolled agent. If you’re not sure about it, you can always download a Fast Forward EA free trial version and test it out for yourself. Also, I’m happy to offer great discount to you with this Fast Forward Academy EA promo code.

Take a look at this review system and see if it’s a good fit for you!