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Compare Top 5 Best CPA Review Courses

Finding the best CPA review course is probably the most important step you'll make in passing the CPA exam and becoming a certified public accountant. With so many top-rated CPA study guides out there to choose from, how are you supposed to know which one will actually work for you? The key is to look at each one and see how it fits your learning style.

Trust me. The entire process of becoming a CPA is challenging, but the exam is the biggest hurdle. This is where choosing the best CPA exam study materials is crucial. Quite honestly, the difference between successfully passing the exam or failing it depends largely on how well your study guide prepared you for the exam material.

Using the wrong CPA prep course could cause you to fail a section or two and cost you months of CPA study time along with the feeling that you canít do it. Unfortunately, most people who fail a section get discouraged because they think they aren't smart enough to pass. That couldn't be farther from the truth. Most people who fail a section do so because their study materials didn't prepare them well enough.

Think smart and pick the CPA review materials that will work for your study habits and lifestyle. I know you can pass the exam with the right course just like I did. That's why Iíve personally used and tested all of the major CPA exam review courses out there and summarized their pros and cons to help you pick the best one for you no matter what section you start with: FAR, BEC, AUD, or REG.

I hope this comparison table and my reviews will help you decide on the right one, so you can start your career as a CPA. Still unsure? Shoot me an email. Iíd love to help you find the right course to pass the exam!

Top 5 CPA Study Material Comparison Chart

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Company Wiley CPA
Roger Gleim Fast Forward Academy Yaeger
Price $1,800 with Discount Code $1,945 Premium Course with Discount Code $1,049 with Discount Code $892 with
Discount Code
$997 with
Discount Code
Multiple Choice Questions 5,500 4,000+ 10,000+ 6,327 3,800
Task Based Simulations 450 200 1,000+ 230+ 90+
Exam Simulator
Video Lectures 80 100 - Online & Offline 100+ hours Update - New videos Added! 120
Time Limit Unlimited! 18 Months,
6 month ext. available
Unlimited! Guarantee Applies Unlimited! 18 months
Final Cram Course Final Review inlcuded with all courses Extra $225+ per section Extra $225+ per section
Audio Course
Flash Cards
Mobile App or IPad Compatible
Customer Service Forum/Message Boards with Coaches Homework Help Center open 24/7 Phone - limited times, Email Support Live Chat, Email, Forum Support Live Chat, Phone hotline
What makes it unique? Bite-sized Lessons, Unlimited Access Forever! Most interactive course with online & offline materials Largest Bank of Test & MC Questions Completely customizable course, Unlimited Access Forever! Redesigned Student Portal with Exam Planner
My Opinion My Review My Review My Review My Review My Review
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Here are the Top-Rated CPA Study Materials and CPA Review Prep Courses on the market:

Here's a list of the best CPA review courses that will help you pass the CPA exam and become a certified public accountant. Check out my reviews to see which on is the right study guide for you.

Roger CPA Review

Course Rating: ★★★★★

Roger Philipp founded the company in 2001 and has helped more than 80,000 candidates achieve their dreams of becoming a CPA. This is a great course brought to you through a modern 24/7 access online platform.

Awesome Lectures - You can tell by the way Roger carries himself that he loves accounting and is passionate about you passing the exam. He is over the top with energy and really makes you feel like you are being entertained more than you are sitting in a boring college accounting classes. Letís just say heís not your average professor.

Innovative and Modern Course - The new 2014 version of the review courseís platform is an interactive online experience. You can custom study schedules and quizzes. There are also areas for notes and extra explanations. The entire software interface is design around speeding up your learning process. You can even watch the video lectures or listen to an audio version on your iPad or iPhone.

No Live Classes - Personally, I think live classrooms are outdated and inconvenient, but many people still prefer going to a live lecture instead of watching one on a computer screen. Roger doesnít offer a live classroom option.

- Read my full analysis of Roger CPA Review and decide for yourself! -

Wiley CPAExcel Review

Course Rating: ★★★★★

Wiley CPAexcel refers to itself as the Efficient Learning System for a reason. The entire program is designed around the idea that you can learn and study faster and still retain the same amount of information.

Smaller Lessons - The CPA Excel learning experience starts with "bite-sized" lessons. These short lessons help you focus and retain more information. They are great for people who are busy and canít sit down for an hour-long lecture or for those of us with short attention spans. : )

Unlimited Access - One of the main advantages of CPAExcel is that they are there for you until you pass. Yes, that means you could take 2 years to pass the exam and you will never have to pay an update or renewal fee. Free unlimited updates are a huge relief! You arenít pressured to pass in 12 months.

Mnemonics Strategies - Wiley CPAexcel focuses on its course on creating smaller, bite-sized lectures and lessons. They donít use as many mnemonics as other courses do for their memorization strategies. Instead, they rely on the focus and organization of their course to help you remember.

- Read my full analysis of Wiley CPAexcel Review and decide for yourself! -

Gleim CPA Review

Course Rating: ★★★★★

Dr. Irvin Gleim wrote his first study guide in 1974 and has been responsible for one of the most popular study guides every since. Since its inception, Gleim has helped more than a million candidates successfully pass accounting exams. Not a lot of courses can boast these numbers.

Largest Test Bank - Itís no secret that you have to be good a multiple choice questions in order to pass the exam. This is why Gleim offers the largest MC question test bank in the industry. With over 10,000 questions to test yourself with, you will be prepared on test day.

Pass Guarantee - The Gleim course offers a money back guarantee for all candidates who didnít pass the exam on their first try. If you used their course and can show that they have applied it appropriately and you still didnít pass, you can either get a refund or continue using the course until you pass.

Huge Amounts of Info - Gleim is not a condensed study guide by any means. They give you tons of information about everything. Itís up to you to figure out is important enough to memorize and what is simply excessive detailed information.

- Read my full analysis of Gleim CPA Review and decide for yourself! -

Fast Forward Academy CPA Review

Course Rating: ★★★★

Fast Forward Academy is a newer company that has exploded in the professional exam industry. They are the fastest growing company today and thereís no wonder why. Their innovative and unique look at course materials and overall study process intuitively shows you weak areas and opportunities to improve.

Completely Customizable Course - The main advantage to FFA is that they didnít create a one-size fits all course. They created a course that adapts to you and your learning style. Based on correct and incorrect answers, the program will automatically redesign a custom study, so you can work on your weaknesses. No other system uses their patented technology.

Extremely Affordable - I think this is one of the most underrated courses available today. Fast Forward base price is less than half of some of the other courses. To get this kind of innovation and study effectiveness at this price is actually kind of unbelievable.

Video Lectures - Fast Forward Academy does not currently offer video lectures as part of their course, but they are working on creating a completely new interactive video lecture environment. Itís just not available yet, but since FFA never expires they may roll this feature out while you are studying with the course.

- Read my full analysis of Fast Forward Academy Review and decide for yourself! -

Yaeger CPA Review

Course Rating: ★★★★

Phil Yaeger started this course in 1977 with only a small class of students in Washington, D.C. Almost 40 years later, its one of the biggest name in CPA review courses. I think that speaks volumes about the integrity of the company and quality of the course in general.

New Redesigned myYaeger Student Portal - The completed redesigned student portal gives you everything you could think of in a modern course. There are time saving features that integrate the video lectures, book content, and multiple-choice questions, so you can just sit back and learn.

Family Company and Support - Yaeger is a family owned and run company and it shows. They have one of the most friendly and easy to reach support staff out of any course. Plus, you can actually contact the instructors personally. Yes, personally. Email an instructor and they will respond to your question!

Longer Lessons - Yaeger CPA lessons are packed with information and go extremely in-depth into all the topics explaining everything with examples and problems. Each lecture usually last for about an hour, so busy people might now be able sit through an entire lecture at once. You can also pause it and come back, however.

- Read my full analysis of Yaeger CPA Review and decide for yourself! -

Surgent CPA Review

Surgent CPA Review

Course Rating: ★★★★

Surgent CPA is one of the newer review courses on the market today, but their arenít new to the professional test prep industry. Surgent has been offering professional education for CPAs for decades and theyíve put all of their experience into their new CPA study guide.

Adaptive Technology - Today adaptive learning seems to be a catch phrase that everyone is grabbing at trying to say they are the next hot thing. Unfortunately, most of these other companies arenít actually developing truly adaptive courses. Surgent is the exception. They have developed an approach that truly recognized your strengths and helps you work on your weaknesses to help you learn and retain information faster.

So which CPA Study Guide is the best?

Best CPA Exam Cram Courses and Final Reviews

Cram courses are typically used to refresh your memory on important topics or remind you lists that you should memorize. These courses are great tools during the last 10 days leading up to your exam day. They help you focus on things you need to remember without dragging you through in-depth discussions of topics.

Final reviews are great for last minute cramming and multiple-choice question practice. They could mean the difference between passing with a 75 and failing with a 74. Trust me. They are worth it. There are a number of different cram courses that you can use including: Roger CPA, Wiley CPAexcel, and Yaeger. Truthfully, these are the best CPA test cram courses on the market today.

Roger CPA Exam Cram Courses

Roger has developed a unique final review that touches on all of the important topics on the exam. Keep in mind, that this isnít a full review course. Itís simply a final review meant to help you refresh on important topics. This includes CPA textbooks, video lectures, and practice exercises. You can purchase this separately from your regular study guide or you can get it for free with the Roger Elite package.

Yaeger CPA Review Cram Course

Yaeger CPAís final review is supposed to act like a wrap up to your full CPA study guide. The best thing about this review is that it is designed to work with any other prep course. In other words, it doesnít matter whether you used Roger or Yaeger to study, you can still use this final review. Yaeger is so confident in their materials that they advertise it will raise your score 5 to 15 points. This also comes with their full course.

Wiley CPAexcel Final Review

Wiley CPA offers a slightly different type of final review. Itís not as much of a full course as it is another study tool. Wileyís CPA focus notes are made up of flash cards that include textbook chapter summaries, unique memorization strategies, and additional exercises to help remind you of topics you should brush up on. If you want a detailed final review, this probably isnít it. You might want to check out Roger or Yaegerís.

Becker CPA Review Final Course

Becker is an industry leader when it comes to final reviews. Their study materials are probably the best, but they better be for how much they cost. Their final review is almost twice as much as some of the others on this list. I think itís a great product, but itís not worth the money if you have to pay for it yourself.

Fast Forward Academy CPA Review

Fast Forward has introduced a new type of final review that allows you to design your own. FastFocus allows you to separate all the topics that you need to work on, so you can review them quickly and easily. This is a great review tool, but itís not really a final review since there could be a ton of stuff you feel comfortable with, but donít have memorized. Itís also not available outside their study guide package.

Gleim CPA Cram Study Materials

Unfortunately, Gleim doesnít offer a final review at all. Itís disappointing because their study materials are so in-depth that I feel like their cram course would be really good. Oh well, there are better ones out there for you.

What is the Best CPA Review Course of 2017?

2017 CPA Review Courses Best Strength
Roger CPA Review Lively lectures keep you engaged.
Wiley CPAexcel Bited-sized lessons to help you stay focused.
Gleim CPA Review Biggest test bank with the most practice questions.
Fast Forward Academy Advanced adaptive technology to shorten study time.
Yaeger CPA Review Detailed lectures and materials help you brush up.
Becker Most well-known and longest track record.
Surgent CPA Review Newest course with fresh look.

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