Yaeger CPA Review Course & Study Materials

Course Rating: ★★★★★

The first thing that you need to know about Yaeger CPA review is that it has been around forever. There is a reason for this; Phil Yaeger knows what he’s doing! He started the company in 1977 with a small class of exam candidates in the District of Columbia. Since then, he has grown his family run business into one of nation’s most popular and widely used exam prep courses. Phil’s course has seen a few iterations over the past 35+ years and continues to be one of the most comprehensive courses that students can trust to prep them for the exam.

Plus, everyone at Yaeger is extremely nice and friendly. It’s exactly what you would expect from a family owned business.

There are a few different options of courses, but the full course includes online access to their completely designed Yaeger student panel and all the benefits of a modern, mobile review course. It’s exciting to see how many tools and features are packed into this new layout. The custom study plan calendar helps you strategize when you need to cover materials before you exam date. The lectures, flash cards, quizzes, exam simulators, and message boards are also in the online portal.

Don’t worry if you don’t always have internet access. Yaeger also includes the Wiley review course books and a digital copy of the courses on USB flash drives.

After testing their system and going through the course myself, I’ve discover quite a few reasons why this is one of the top courses available today. Plus the Yaeger CPA review payment plan is quite reasonable especially when combined with a coupon code.

Here is my video review of the Yaeger online study materials, so you can see what the inside of the course actually looks like.

Let’s see what makes it right for you.

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Course Overview

The overall layout of this course starts in the new student portal. After you login, you’ll be taken to the interactive study plan calendar where you can create a customized study plan or choose a recommended one. The cool thing about this tool is it will give you the option of how many hours a day and days a week you want to study. After you pick how often you want to study, it will auto generate a course schedule for you. The planner displays due dates when each video, homework set, and module must be completed.

Once your schedule is set up, there are a few main parts to the guide. You can try the whole course our for FREE and check out the features for yourself!

Study Text and Web Book

Yaeger uses the Wiley CPA exam review books as their study text. The physical books come with some packages, but they have also included an online copy that is displayed in the portal as you go through the course. The Yager CPA review handouts are also helpful.

Homework Modules

The homework modules are sets of multiple-choice questions that can be taken at any time. Each module goes in order of the related section of the course and a specific video lecture. Usually these only have about 10-15 questions apiece, so you can really study the topic without getting overwhelmed. After you finish a set of questions, you can check your score, view any incorrect answers, and see the explanations of the answers. You can even compare your score with the average score of the current student body taking the course! How cool is that?!

Video Lectures

There are tons of video lectures (over 120 hours) presented by Phil, Gary, or Cynthia. Each video is in depth and usually ranges from 30mins to an hour in length. Every video explains key concepts using multiple choice questions and examples. This instruction is crucial because it allows you to learn the information as well as sharpen your analytical thinking and test taking skills. They show you how to think through problems carefully, so you figure out the right answer on the exam.

The videos generally follow the outline of the study text. They are shot in a virtual classroom style with a dry erase board behind the instructor. This is perfect for people who want more of a traditional classroom feeling. They really make me feel like I walked in one of my college accounting courses!



Study Tools

The completely redesigned myYaeger student portal includes e-flashcards and a quiz engine. The quiz generator is pretty awesome. You can create custom quizzes from any topic. Once you set the number of questions and time limit, you can choice from FAR, REG, AUD, and BEC topics. You can include as many or as few topics as you want. You can even save the quiz and take it again later.

This custom quiz feature is extremely useful. It allows you to focus only on areas that you need to without including topics that you already know. This system will save you a ton of time and help you learn and retain information faster.

Notes and Bookmarks

This is one of the coolest features in the entire system. You can write a note at any point during a lecture. The note system will save your place in the video and put the note in your notes section. Then later on, you can check your notes to see what parts you need to review more.

Sounds normal, right? Well it isn’t. The notes save your places in the videos. When you click on one of your notes, it will bring you to that part in the video! Notes will save you precious study hours and help you focus on what you need to learn rather than reviewing everything broadly.

Message Boards

This is an open forum where other candidates can post questions and problems. It allows you to keep in touch with other students and see what other people are doing to succeed!

There are so many features packed into this course, it’s difficult to talk about just a few. The main thing is Yaeger CPA Review has created an extremely efficient and effective product that will help you learn the information you need to pass the exam. Hands down, it’s a great course.





myYaeger Student Portal

By far the most impressive part of the Yaeger CPA review is the new student portal. There are so many study tools and features to help you focus on key information you need to learn without looking at the problems you don’t. Plus, it’s organized in such a logical and user friendly way.

The true power of the student portal comes together in the modules. When a video is playing, you can activate the active syncing feature that automatically displays related web book content, multiple choice questions, notes you have previous written, and all of the lesson files.

This feature is such a time saver because you don’t have to go look for anything. It automatically pops up for you. You can also use the web book focus view that displays the web book study text in an easy to read full screen version with the video playing in a smaller sidebar.

Needless to say, the new student portal turned Yaeger into a cutting edge, modern course with its versatile, technology, and innovations.

Video Lectures and Teaching Style

There are 120 hours worth of videos in this course covering every single topic that you will need to know in order to pass the CPA exam. The lectures thoroughly cover the topics in each section with example problems. Yaeger walks you through the thought process of analyzing a question, evaluating the possible answers, and logically deciding on the right answer.

This traditional style of teaching is quite appealing to students because it feels like you are right back in the college classroom.

Extremely Friendly Support

Everyone at Yaeger is very friendly. After all, isn’t that what you would expect from a family owned and run business? It seems like you can’t be on their website for more than a few minutes during the day without someone appearing in the help chat box.

Their real strength is in the customer hotline. No other review course has such an extensive customer support system. You can call or email any of the instructors personally and they will answer your questions. How awesome is that!? No other course gives you direct access to their instructors like this.



Online, Offline, & Audio

The newest version of this review guide can include online access to the student portal where you can use your Yaeger CPA login to all of your study resourses anywhere there’s internet access. You can also get offline access to all of the videos and documents on USB drives. This way you will be able to study with the lectures even if you don’t have internet access. The Yaeger CPA mobile app is also great for studying on the go.

Obviously, the Wiley books are included, but you don’t have to carry around big bulky books if you don’t want to. Yaeger also offers audio lectures, so you can study in the car!

Flexible Pricing with Options

This course is so comprehensive, especially with the updated student portal, that the standard price of $1,787 is a steal. You get Wiley books, Yager CPA study plan, exam simulators, quiz generators, customized study planners, 120 hours of lectures, over 5,000 multiple choice questions, and not to mention all the bundled features. It includes everything you’ll need to pass the exam. This really is a good deal.

Plus, they just released the study to your pace option where you can pay a down payment of $365 for the full course and only $99 a month for as long as you want the course. You’ll get free, unlimited updates forever. This option is great for people who can’t afford to pay the full amount all at once. Not to mention, it could be cheaper in the long run if you can pass the exam quickly.

You can also purchase each section at a time. With all of these options and features, Yaeger really is the most affordable full course out there.




Overall, this is a great course, but there are a few Yaeger CPA Review complaints.


Longer Lessons

The average lesson length is usually about 30 to 60 minutes long, so it is about the length of a traditional college accounting course. This is great for information’s sake, but it can be difficult for people who want split their studying up into smaller chunks of time.

The lectures can also get dry sometimes, just like a real life college accounting course. Students with short attention spans might also have a difficult time sticking with the lectures all the way through.

Time Limit

Although the new study at your pace option is available, the regular course still has an 18 month time limit on it. If you think you will need more time than that to pass all four sections, you might want to look at another course will unlimited access.



My Recommendation

The Yaeger CPA review course is extensive and impressive especially when you added the Wiley CPA books. No other course offers as many online and offline benefits and features. Not to mention, you have direct access to instructors themselves. No other course comes close to this level of customer service.

The innovations with the student portal will help you customize your study materials and focus on specific topics areas. You can create quizzes that test only subjects you struggle with, so you can make sure your feel confident about everything before your exam day!

Overall this a great value for price especially if you take advantage of the Yaeger CPA discount code. I highly recommend this course for any candidate or student looking to take the exam especially those who enjoy more traditional lectures. If you are looking for one course that has everything, I’d highly recommend getting Yaeger.