Yaeger vs Roger CPA Review

Yaeger CPA review and Roger CPA review courses are two of the most comprehensive courses on the market today. I’ve personally used both them and there is no wonder why they are considered two of the top CPA review courses available. Both of them have online and offline platforms with a bunch of different extras, but which one is right for you?

In my opinion, it’s not a question of which course is better Yaeger or Roger. It’s a question of what course fits your learning style, budget, and schedule better. To me, the course that works for you is the course that you should buy.

Here’s my review. I’m going to go over the overviews of each as well as a few specific features and end with what makes each of them a good fit for you. First let’s start with what they look like on the inside. Here’s a walk through of each course!

Yaeger Walkthrough

Roger Walkthrough



Yaeger CPA vs Roger CPA Price Comparison

Both Yaeger and Roger are reasonably priced especially for what you are getting. They both have a few different options and extras that you can include, but I’m just going to focus on their regular courses.

Yaeger AAA Bundle course includes access to their newly redesigned student portal with 120 hours of video lectures, study planner, quizzes, both electronic textbooks and printed textbooks, AND USB drives for offline studying. This crazy deal only costs $1,715 with coupon.

Roger’s Flagship course, on the other hand, includes access to their online course system with 100 hours of video lectures, electronic and print textbooks, and quizzes. This is a great deal because you bet both the printed and electronic books for $1,695.

Both courses have an 18-month limit, but Roger’s can be renewed for an additional 6 months for only $200.

Here’s a price comparison table.

Yaeger Roger
Full Course $1,715 $1,695
Audio Lectures Included w/ Anniversary Course Extra $89 per section
Extensions N/A $200
Final Review Course Included w/ Anniversary Course Extra $150 per section



Yaeger vs Roger CPA Course Time Limit

Both online courses have an 18-month time limit. This means that after a year and a half, you will no longer be able to log into your online portal or use any of the online resources.

Yaeger’s bundle package has a way around this. It includes USB drives with all the lectures and printable study materials in PDF format. This means that after your online access has expired, you can still watch the video lectures and read the study text for free.

Roger only offers offline options in their Premium course. The flagship course does included printed textbooks, but your online access to videos and quizzes will be gone after 18 months. The good news is that they offer a special discount. For only $200, you can extend your entire course for 6 months!



Course Structure and Format

Both formats are pretty similar in that you get a set of study books and access to their online platform, but that is about where the similarities end.

Yaeger’s innovative student portal is pretty amazing. It shows you exactly what videos you need to watch, multiple-choice answers you need to work through, and homework modules you need to finish everyday. In this way, it’s more like a guided course than a self-study one. You just input your test date and the program does everything else. Plus, everything is completely integrated. The videos, notes, quizzes, and text are all work together in each module. For instance, during the video lecture, related practice questions will pop up automatically based on the topic. Everything is integrated.

Roger’s online system is not quite as advanced, but it is still extremely useful. There isn’t really an interactive study planner, but there are standard guidelines for what you should be studying. The video lectures can be watched with the study text on the same screen. You can also put video bookmarks and notes in each lecture. The practice quiz section isn’t directly integrated into the video section, but it is very customizable. You can pick the number of questions, topics covered, and format of each quiz you take.

Both courses have audio lectures available as add-ons!



Yaeger vs Roger CPA Study Text

Yaeger uses the Wiley CPA Exam Review books as their textbooks. These books have been an industry standard for a long time. They do create lesson files for each one of the lectures. These are excerpts from the Wiley study books along with the lecture outlines that you can download and print.

Roger writes his own textbook and study guide. This includes practice problems, video lecture outlines, and more explanations about each topic covered in the lectures. You can’t download or print any of the online study books, but you do get a copy of the entire study book in print form. The online books are updated in real time as soon as they make an update.



Multiple Choice and CPA Exam Questions

Yaeger CPA utilizes the Wiley CPA Test Bank and its own in-house developed test bank totaling more than 4,300 practice sets and multiple-choice questions.

Roger CPA has more than 4,000 multiple-choice questions in its bank that students can pick to develop custom quizzes.



Practice Exams and Task-Based Simulations

Both review courses have a well-developed quiz generator where you can make custom quizzes and exams.

Yaeger CPA allows you to create quizzes by selecting the section, time length, number of questions, and topics. The quiz generator then pulls random questions from the Wiley CPA Test Bank to create your quiz. After you have submitted it for grading, each question has a detailed explanation for your correct or incorrect answer. It also shows the details for what section of the course the question was taken from. The exam simulator works the same way and includes over 80 task-based simulations.

The Roger practice quiz system starts by allowing you to choose an exam section. You can then choose specific topics that you want to include. It can be a few or the entire study course. You can then choose either multiple-choice or task-based simulations. Then the system automatically generates a quiz for you! The cool part about Roger CPA is that it offers a “score as you go” option. Every time you answer a question, an explanation will pop up. Roger includes over 200 task-based simulations.



Flash Cards

Both course offer flash cards in different packages. The Yaeger Aniversary Course includes flash cards. Roger offers them for a small additional fee.



Yaeger vs Roger CPA Final Review

Both Yaeger and Roger offer last week cram courses. Roger offers their separately from their two packages for $645. The Yaeger Aniversary Course includes the full four-section cram course! This is a crazy deal worth more than $999.



Course Updates

Yaeger CPA prides itself in filming and updating its course every single year. This means you will have new lectures with the most up-to-date information possible if you go with Yaeger.

Roger CPA also updates their course every year. They don’t shoot new videos as much as Yaeger does, but they do update their materials constantly.

Both review courses do a very good job of monitoring the upcoming changes to the exam and adjusting their courses.



Yaeger vs Roger CPA Pass Rates

I know a lot of people get stuck on pass rates. In my opinion, this doesn’t really matter. I don’t think these stats are really accurate enough to use because no company follows the same statistical approach. That being said, here they are.

Both Yaeger and Roger CPA review boast an 88% pass rate. Seems a little fishy doesn’t it. : )



Customer Support

Yaeger has one of the most responsible and pretty awesome support systems out of any course. You can call or email the actual instructors and get a response from them personally. How awesome is that? They also have a support staff that guarantees a response within 24 hours.

Roger’s support system isn’t too shabby either. They have a 24-hour homework help center that is very consistent and easy to use.



My Recommendation

This is where I’m supposed to tell you definitely which course is “better,” right? Well neither is better. They both have pros that work for some people and cons that don’t work for some people. I think it’s important to get a course that is right for you. Here is what I think.

Yaeger CPA Review has a better:


Student Portal – The new myYaeger student portal is truly a fully integrated study experience. The study planner show you exactly what you need to work on as if it were a teacher giving you homework assignments each day. The video lectures, web book, and questions are all integrated into their well-designed modules. It’s really a nice package.


Customer Support – There is no way around it. Yaeger’s customer support is amazing. You can call or email them and they will response the next day. This is particularly good for international students and candidates who have been out of school for a while. Believe me. Their staff are some of the nicest people you are likely to meet anywhere. What else would expect from a 35+ year old family owned company?


Roger CPA Review has a better:


Lively Lectures – Roger is a very enthusiastic guy. He comes up with all kinds of jokes and does a very good job of grabbing your attention and turning a dry subject into something interesting. It’s very easy to get passionate about something when listening to Roger. Yaeger lectures are very informational, but they tend to be more “traditional.” Roger is anything but traditional.


Study Books – The Roger CPA study books are written by Roger and designed specifically for his course. They do a good job at cutting out all the extra information and just getting to the meat of what you need to study. All four sections of books are included in the course and are full of memorization strategies that will help you on exam day!



Course Options

Both Roger and Yaeger offer many different options.

The Yaeger CPA Anniversary course includes all four cram courses, USB offline courses, flash cards, and an iPad mini to study on the go!


The Roger CPA Premium course includes an additional 6-month extension and offline USB courses.



In short, these are both world-class study guides. Here’s a little summary table to show you all of the details about each one. Keep in mind, the table only shows their basic courses.

Yaeger Roger
Price $1,787 with Discount Code $1,945 Premium Course with Discount Code
Multiple Choice Questions 3,800 4,000+
Task Based Simulations 90+ 200
Exam Simulator
Video Lectures 120 100
Time Limit 18 months 18 Months,
6 month ext. available
Final Cram Course Included in Anniversary Course Extra $150+ per section
Audio Course Included in Anniversary Course Extra $89+ per section
Flash Cards Included in Anniversary Course Extra $25+ per section
Mobile App or IPad Compatible
Free Updates Only Before Expiration Only Before Expiration
Published Pass Rates 88% 88%
Customer Service Live Chat, Phone hotline Homework Help Center open 24/7
See my full Analysis My Review My Review


As you can see, both of these courses include a ton of features. I hope this comparison helped you figure out what one is best for you. If you are still up in the air about which one is better, you can try them both out for FREE!

Test them out for the trial period, get to know them, and see which one is better for you learning style, study habits, and budget.