Shaun Conrad, CPA

Accounting & CPA Exam Expert Shaun Conrad is a Certified Public Accountant and CPA exam expert with a passion for teaching. After almost a decade of experience in public accounting, he created to help people learn accounting & finance, pass the CPA exam, and start their career.


Hi Future Accountants, CPAs, & Analysts:

Becoming a life-long learner is the best decision you will ever make. Regardless of your age or background, education will always benefit you and help propel your career forward.

The only way to stay competitive in today’s workplace is to have a robust skill set and well-rounded knowledgebase. I like the way Warren Buffet put it best.

"The best investment you can make is in yourself." -Warren Buffet

That’s why I founded I wanted to develop an easy-to-understand accounting course, so people can learn accounting principles and finance fundamentals easier. We break down complex topics into everyday language and give real-world examples to illustrate the concepts.

Our mission is to empower anyone who wants to learn accounting and finance regardless of their background or education level. Our courses are designed so anyone can learn basic to advanced topics. Learning accounting and finance doesn’t have to be hard. That’s why we make it simple.

My Accounting Course equips you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need to become a world-class accountant, CPA, or analyst and propel your career forward.

Happy Learning,

Shaun Conrad, CPA

Founder & CEO


Education, Experience, & Background

Shaun is a polymath with a diverse background of experiences giving him a unique advantage in the world of accounting and financial education. He is a thought leader in the online education space and has been featured in Forbes, Inc., and

Shaun earned two bachelor degrees from Ferris State University (Accounting & Music Industry Management) and went on to obtain his CPA (Certified Public Accountant) License in the state of Connecticut.

After nearly a decade of Public Accounting experience and countless interactions with students, business owners, and clients, Shaun decided that there needed to be a resource for people to understand accounting basics and financial fundamentals better.

Thus in 2010, Shaun founded as a leading resource for students, professionals, and business owners to learn accounting, become financially literate, and pursue a career as an accountant, CPA, or financial analyst.

Since then, My Accounting Course has become one of the fastest growing online accounting and finance education resources teaching millions each year and empowering them to pursue their dream careers.

Other Interests

Shaun is a creative who is always looking for ways to learn, grow, and develop new relationships. If he's not playing guitar, he's most likely out thrill seeking on his motorcycle, longboard, or boat.

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