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Learning accounting can be challenging. Many students and professionals struggle with some of the most basic concepts because they aren’t taught properly.

Don’t feel bad if you’ve struggled in the past. We all have at some point. That’s why we’ve developed this comprehensive guide to teach you accounting basics, intermediate concepts, and advanced topics typically only taught at the higher level college courses.

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We break each concept down into simple terms and give you multiple examples, so you can understand the accounting method, recording transactions, preparing financial statements, and analyzing financials.

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Prepare to become a world-class accountant with our 3,000+ step-by-step guides and tutorials about accounting.

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Accounting Basics

What You Will Learn

Basic accounting fundamentals are the building blocks for your accounting knowledge. Learn about accounts, debits & credits, equations, and more.

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Accounting Principles

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Cost Accounting

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Financial Statements

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Income Statement

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Shareholders Equity

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