Journal Entries

Journal entries are a key component as well as the first step in the accounting cycle. Each business transaction is analyzed for the economic impact on the asset, liability, and equity accounts before being recorded in the accounting system with a journal entry. Since every single business transaction is recorded or journalized throughout the year, there are tons of different journal entries. Most journal entries are recorded in general journal, but specific journal entries like credit sales of inventory are recorded in separate journals like the sales journal.

I know how difficult it can be to memorize how each business transaction is recorded. That’s why I’ve made this extensive list of journal entry examples. Each example deals with a common business transaction, so you can use this as a reference for how to journalize transactions in the future.


I also show you how to record the journal entry as well as explain the economic impact of each transaction on the accounting equation. Most of these journal entry examples are also in parts of the accounting course. Check out this list of journal entries. If you don’t see what you are looking for, use the search bar on the right to find an example.



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