UWorld Roger CPA Review Course & Study Guide Materials


Roger CPA review has been one of the highest rated CPA exam study courses for the last decade. The popular CPA study materials are focused around Roger’s signature animated lecture style that not only holds your attention but also helps keep you entertained. The Roger CPA review course combines the Roger CPA learning method of … Read more

Best CPA Review Courses


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Best Reasons Why You Should Sit for REG (CPA Exam Section) in 2022


Every year, the AICPA considers changes to the CPA exam based on new laws or changes to the Authoritative Literature. These changes are meant to reflect what’s happening in the business environment, and keep exam candidates up-to-date and aware of new topics as they go into the work force. Earlier this year, the AICPA announced … Read more

Best Accounting Certifications: CPA, CFA, CMA, EA, CIA


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How to Become a Licensed CPA in Wyoming


Wyoming requires 150 college credit hours to take the CPA exam and be eligible for licensure. This is the new standard educational requirement that most states are adopting along with a bachelor’s degree and a work experience program. WY also mandates that candidates must be residents, regularly employed in the state, or a graduate of … Read more

How to Become a Licensed CPA in Wisconsin


Wisconsin does require 150 credit hours to obtain a CPA license, but WI allows students to take their first exam section 60 days before fulfilling all of the educational requirements. This is a great opportunity to get your application process and first section done before you even graduate! WI also doesn’t require a social security … Read more

How to Become a Licensed CPA in West Virginia


West Virginia does require 150 semester hours to obtain a CPA license, but they only require an undergraduate degree with 120 credit hours to sit for the exam. Unlike most states, WV also requires that you become a resident before you take the test. This could be an obstacle for some out-of-state students. Let’s take … Read more

How to Become a Licensed CPA in Washington


Washington currently requires 150 credit hours to sit for the exam, but they do allow you to take the exam 180 days before you have completed this educational limit. To get certified in WA, you must also graduate with at least a bachelor’s degree and fulfill their work experience program. Let’s take a look at … Read more

How to Become a Licensed CPA in Virginia


Virginia only requires you to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and 120 credits in order to sit for the exam. You do, however, have to complete 150 semester hours to be eligible for a CPA license. These rules are pretty standard among most states today and allow a good deal of flexibility. Let’s take a … Read more

How to Become a Licensed CPA in Vermont


Vermont requires candidates to complete 120 credit hours before they can take the exam. The new rules effective July 1, 2014 also require a total 150 college credit hours including specific course work to obtain a CPA license. The new rules aren’t all tough though. The work experience requirement has changed from 2 years to … Read more