What are As Built Drawings?

Definition: As built drawings are definitive blueprints or architectural designs of a finished construction job. It is a design delivered to the owner to describe the location and set up of a new infrastructure.

What Does As Built Drawing Mean?

These designs are normally required by the person or company that hired the construction job to understand what was done and how. The construction process can either start from scratch or from a previous design (as is the case for improvements or redecorations). In order to understand the current design an initial as built drawings should be available, from the last work done. A contractor might also provide a drawing to show the expected result and a definite as built drawing when the job is completed.

This is particularly important in big projects where a lot of different aspects must be considered like electric or water sources, air conditioning vents, structural pillars or any other essential component of the infrastructure. Architectures and civil engineers are normally in charge of designing the drawings, depending on the nature and purpose of them. As built drawings can be used as proof to file claims against low quality jobs or significant deviations from expected results.


Dylan is an architect who works independently for private construction companies. These companies are mostly contractors that perform small to medium size jobs for domestic and industrial clients. Dylan is in charge of creating the as built drawings that have to be delivered to the clients before (expected) and after the projects are completed.

As part of his job, he needs to take measures, identify essential structural elements and also provide an illustrated example of how things will look like after everything is completed. His job is very important because only after the client has reviewed and approved the as built drawings the payment can be claimed.

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