What is Beta Testing?

Definition: Beta testing is a final testing stage of a software before the commercial release. This term is mainly used in computer technologies. It refers to the process accomplished by intended users with the aim of trying the software out in the real world and send feedback to the company about their experiences and opinions. The purpose is the identification and correction of all possible errors and undesirable functioning prior to the launch.

What Does Beta Testing Mean?

Beta is the second letter of the Greek alphabet and therefore means the second testing stage. Beta testing is therefore supposed to follow an Alpha testing phase. When initiating the Beta testing, the company already had other tests and made improvements and corrections resulting of those. Internal teams usually execute the Alpha testing while the Beta stage embraces potential users that are not directly related to the developing team.

These users usually discover problematic issues that are not easily seen by the developers. In this way, the firm is able to improve product quality and avoid potential user complains before the formal launch into the open market. The process scope may vary in terms of number of testers and time. Some software firms release free testing versions to be downloaded and thus to obtain early user feedback.


Tech and Knowledge is a small software company that ended the development stage of its very first product. This software supports the automation of the most common procedures executed by a typical elementary school. It is highly friendly and reliable according to the opinion of the Developing Department and also includes innovative functionality for parents and children.

The company needed urgent revenues but the Developing Manager insisted that a Beta testing is crucial before a client purchases the product. The manager selected two small schools and installed the product for free. During two months of testing, the company collected valuable feedback and was able to correct some minor problems before the product was formally launched in the open market.