What are Communication Skills?

Definition: Communication skills are the ability to send messages that are properly an entirely received and understood by the target audience. The term often applies to someone’s faculty of exchanging information effectively with another person or group, in a verbal or written way.

What Does Communication Skills Mean?

Communication is present in almost every activities of our lives. We frequently exchange ideas, opinions, requirements and feelings with many people around us, not only verbally but also through devices such as computers and smart phones. In business, being a good communicator is particularly relevant. E-mails, phone calls, meetings, speeches, videoconferences, presentations and one-to-one conversations are all different ways of communication.

The development and strengthening of communication skills is therefore a key attribute for most employees in these times to do their jobs more productively. It is not only about words and content because other elements such as body language and facial expressions also take part in the process. When the communication is written, graphics, tables and pictures might adequately support explanations and ideas. Even the selection of the channel sometimes communicates how important the message and the audience is for the communicator.

For example, a very significant announcement is supposed to be made person-to-person instead of using an electronic chat.


Will Lendt is a young professional hired by a consulting company. He achieved the top position of his college promotion because of his brilliant analytic capabilities. Will is now part of the Finance Team that helps companies in the process of improving their finances. In his first presentation to a client, Will did not seem assertive and presented too many slides. His boss realized that Will required to develop adequate communication skills and suggested a two-week course focused on this ability.

He learned about body language, voice modulation, eye contact and preparation of effective presentation materials. Will progressed significantly after the lessons and continued improving his communication skills during the following presentations to clients.