What is a Compliance Officer?

Definition: A compliance officer is an employee charged with the responsible of ensuring that a company follows external regulations and its own internal guidelines.

What Does Compliance Office Mean?

What is the definition of compliance officer? Nowadays, the role of compliance officers has become increasingly important as they set the foundations of a solid global legislation. A compliance officer sets the requirements for safe and effective business operations, seeking to eliminate unfair business practices.

To that end, he educates the workforce on how to achieve the optimal results. Research shows that investing in education and training in compliance issues can lead to competition, development, and the improvement of a business’ long-term position in the domestic and international market.

Let’s look at an example.


Benedict is a successful compliance officer in the pharmaceutical sector. Over the last 20 years, he is specialized in the training of the workforce. In fact, he takes into consideration to the values of each company separately, and the individual needs of each position and each member individually.

The training of the workforce is the first important step towards compliance because employees are responsible for carrying out business operations safely and effectively. A needs assessment follows the training and helps businesses to implement a specialized training plan.

Benedict determines the needs assessment based on his own duties and level of experience. He also decides whether further education is required for the development of a code of conduct pertaining to each company. With the code of conduct, a company can ensure that its workforce participates in continuing education and applies the required legislation and the company’s internal policies to ensure effective operations.

Furthermore, following the technological developments and the daily management of personal data on all aspects of digitization of business practices, Benedict has acquired the role Data Protection Officer. In this context, he is responsible for ensuring that the data each company is protecting the personal data of their customers.

Summary Definition

Define Compliance Officers: Compliance officer means an employe who is responsible for making sure the company follows regulatory agencies’rules and other employees follow internal company rules.