What is Deforestation?

Definition: Deforestation is the clearing of forest areas by cutting down the trees. The term commonly refers to the removal of trees, mainly intentionally, with the purpose of taking commercial advantage of the cleared land or the taken trees. However, deforestation might also occur accidentally when fire destroys large forest areas.

What Does Deforestation Mean?

Deforestation is a problem in some regions due to lack of regulations. Negative consequences of large, unrestricted deforestation can be serious not only in the region itself but also in the world environment and ecological balance. Elimination of vegetation impacts the life of many animal species and affects the climate. In some countries, strict laws guarantee that any deforestation is limited to certain areas. Preserved forests exist where no human intervention is allowed.

When the objective is to obtain wood, replanting must follow deforestation. However, there are several countries that are not limiting deforestation in an effective way yet. Small farmers but also large companies destroy forests with undesirable results. Indeed, some environmental organizations indicate that the world forest area slowly decreases every decade.


Neil Wood Inc is a world-class foresting company that wants to enter in a Latin American country where large tropical rain forests cover significant areas. Environmental protection groups reacted to the entrance because of the potential ecological damage. The country holds unique bird species and a wide range of other animals that are at risk if large deforestation happens.

In contrast, Neil Wood convinced the government that its presence would be positive thanks to numerous new employments and purchases to many local suppliers. Deforestation will certainly occur since many tons of wood will be obtained and processed for industries such as pulp and paper and manufactured wood. Nevertheless, the firm guarantees appropriate replanting and minimal long-term effect on the environment.

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