What is Ethanol c2h5oh?

Definition: Ethanol c2h5oh is a chemical compound extracted from different sources and frequently employed in alcoholic beverages and fuel composites. It is a colorless, volatile substance that is also known as Ethyl Alcohol.

What Does Ethanol c2h5oh Mean?

Ethanol is commonly obtained from sugar fermentation. Nevertheless, the sources have widened since it has many applications for different industries. It is most frequently known as the main substance present in alcoholic beverages. When ingested, it depresses the central nervous system and causes disorientation and partial memory losses in some cases. Excessive ingestion can be poisonous for the human body.

On the other hand, this chemical is also employed as an antiseptic in many health care products such as antibacterial hand sanitizer. Its strong odor makes it easy to identify its presence and since it is highly flammable it must be stored properly to avoid accidental ignitions.

Finally, it is also a popular fuel that is mixed with gasoline to provide energy for internal combustion engines like the ones used by domestic and industry vehicles. This last segment of ethanol use is mostly obtained from corn and it is considered a great element to substitute gasoline as the main energy source for this type of vehicles.


Men Care Co. is a company that manufactures different beauty products targeted to men. Their concept is to provide masculine brands and products that relate to the male market, since there are many products that are marketed to women only. They are currently developing hand wipes for men and the company already has all the marketing campaign figured out but they need to understand what should be the odor and the chemical compounds that will be employed in the towel to make sure it is appealing for the target audience.

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