What is a Marketing Concept?

Definition: A marketing concept is a philosophy that encourages companies to develop products based on the market’s needs and preferences. This theory states that successful products and services are those that actually supply something that the customer is actually requiring.

What Does Marketing Concept Mean?

This concept has been broadly accepted by the business community for a few years now and it seems like there is no other way to do it. Nevertheless, some decades ago this concept was not the predominant one. Instead, companies were more worried about what they could produce cheaply and massively, which was part of the mindset and legacy of the industrial revolution.

Then, the business and product development philosophy changed a little bit, due to a more mature stage of the mass production euphoria. At this point, many companies were manufacturing products at an increasing pace but the market was not reacting positively to them in all cases. This created a sales focus, where companies poured a lot of their resources to advertise their products in order to obtain a bigger market share.

Finally, the sales-centered model exhausted itself due to the ever-increasing competition and finally, in modern times, marketing experts have settled with a marketing focus, a concept that places the customer at the center of product development decisions. This philosophy urges businesses to focus in developing ways and items that satisfy the existing needs of regular consumers.


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