What is a Sales Person?

Definition: A sales person is an employee who commercializes a certain company’s products or services. They are also known as sales representatives or salesmen and their main function is to persuade customers to purchase what they are offering.

What Does Sales Person Mean?

The sales person position is practically a mandatory job for many different businesses. They are an essential part companies since they have the responsibility of generating revenues and finding new customers, while keeping healthy relationships with older ones.

In some cases, they also have other assigned tasks such as supervising the proper display of the merchandise, following up with receivables and gathering recommendations for potential clients. This job position is normally compensated through a fixed salary plus commissions and other incentives. The size of the commissions varies depending on the industry and they could also be tied to certain accomplishments.

On the other hand, some companies also assign vehicles, expense accounts or allowances for gas or meals. Most salesmen work alongside with a sales team that is managed by a district, region or national sales manager in the case of corporations or floor supervisors if it is a store.


Bell Food Co. is currently hiring three people for a new district sale’s team. The company is looking to hire experienced individuals who have at least a high school degree. They must have at least 6 years of relevant experience working in the food industry and great job references. The candidates will be interviewed and hired temporarily for three months to see if they are a good fit for the job.

Their main function will be to visit clients to take orders, keep them updated about the current status of their pending payments, supplying branding and advertising materials and to keep products adequately displayed in each of the stores assigned to them. Finally, they will report to the District Sales Manager who will keep track of their performance. Commissions will be 2% of net sales.

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