What is a Self Assessment?

Definition: A self assessment is an individual review performed to identify elements that can be improved or exploited to achieve certain predefined goals. In other words, the person analyses himself to improve his perspective about his capabilities and potential.

What Does Self Assessment Mean?

This process is considered to be a psychological exercise that individuals in management positions should perform constantly to identify improvement opportunities in all tasks being carried out. From a corporate perspective, companies can also self-assess their own operations and results in order to set new courses of actions that will align its activities with its objectives. An individual performing a self assessment will have a profound look at elements like attitude, skills, personal relationships, career paths, decisions made, progress towards personal goals, relationship with his co-workers, challenges and opportunities, among other factors that will help him diagnose the current status of his work and the next steps to be taken.

On the other hand, companies will evaluate the current status of its finances, operations, sales, staff, opportunities for expansion, product lines, alliances, key suppliers and other elements that play a crucial role in its current position in order to determine the business’ next moves, lined up with the overall vision and strategy.


Kevin is a 34 years old Marketing Manager currently working for a big digital marketing agency in Dallas, Texas. He was promoted six months ago and he still feels like he is still struggling to fit the job’s requirement. Kevin recently signed up for a mentoring program where managers with more experience provide helpful guidance for amateur managers. His mentor advised him to perform a self assessment and provided some surveys that will help him through the process.

Kevin is enthusiastic about it and after finishing the questionnaires he was able to identify a few improvement opportunities in his attitude towards the job and his way to lead his team. These insights were very useful as now Kevin feels more secure about what he does at the company.