What is Social Justice?

Definition: Social justice is a philosophical and political standpoint that promotes equal distribution of opportunities and resources among society. It is a practice that encourages a given social system to act fairly towards each member.

What Does Social Justice Mean?

The concept of social justice may vary depending on the context where it is used. In a political context, there are sometimes contradicting viewpoints about it, since there are sides that define this as an equal distribution of opportunities, from a work, business and talent development perspective, and there are other sides that focus more on the equal distribution of resources, like communists or socialists, that often promote social justice as “everyone should get an equal share of everything”.

On the other hand, from a philosophical and humanitarian standpoint, the concept is mostly associated with how human beings are treated regardless of their culture, race, political views or religion. Anyhow, for the average human the concept is frequently a combination of some of this perceptions, and it can be summarized as the aggregate efforts of both governments and society participants to guarantee decent living conditions for everyone.


Free Society is a non-governmental organization that promotes social justice in under-developed countries. The organization is funded by various private enterprises and its main goal is to reach the population of these countries through communicational campaigns to transmit a message about democratic values and the importance and impact of having a free market economy. The founder of this NGO, Mr. Black, has a PhD in Social Sciences and has been working with this social justice agenda for almost 15 years.

He’s committed to increase social justice among these nations. His concept of what that is revolves around equal opportunity for everyone to get decent education; a free market economy that promotes voluntary exchange and the pursue of self-interests; and minimum government regulation. He has been successful to increase the awareness of many people in these countries, warning them about the dangers of communists and socialists economic systems.

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