What are Technical Skills?

Definition: Technical skills are an individual’s affinity or ability to complete tasks related to a specific science or technology.

What Does Technical Skills Mean?

What is the definition of technical skills? These skills can cover a broad array of subjects and areas. Relevant areas include Math, Engineering, Science or Computer-Technology. Technically skilled individuals are often an essential part of the economy because they are responsible for the creation of innovation.

Most businesses will find themselves either employing individuals with this skill set or outsourcing the services if the management does not possess the skill themselves. For example, a hedge fund management company will need individuals with accounting and finance expertise to make sound investment decision.

If companies employ some sort of advanced software, then they will need someone with computer expertise as well. Even for an ice cream company such as Ben and Jerry’s, these skills are paramount. They will either need to outsource their production to a factory or hire someone with the chemistry expertise necessary to blend flavors and create new appealing products for the customers.

Let’s take a look at an example.


Jonathan Noble owns a waste management company called Handle UR Waste. The idea to launch into the industry was inspired by his studies in school as an Environmental Science major. Due to his background as an environmental scientist, he has some level of expertise in the field of waste management. However, the actual process is something that he cannot do by himself, so when hiring employees, he needed to find someone with the appropriate skill set.

Jonathan wanted individuals with expertise in waste management and the skill set needed to operate the equipment in the waste management factory. It is important to note that the skills were not necessarily needed solely for the functioning of the equipment, but to know how to best apply the functionality of the equipment. In laymen’s terms, Jonathan needed someone who could analyze and assess the characteristics of a load of waste and utilize the specific technology in a way that would best handle the job.

Define Technical Skills: Technical skill means a knowledge or talent to perform mathematics, engineering, or science related activities or tasks.