Annual Salary: $33,250-$43,750

Bookkeeper Job Description

A bookkeeper’s job description can change drastically from company to company. Depending on the size of the company, bookkeepers may work in specific operations like accounts receivable or be required to handle all company transactions. The basic job description of a bookkeeper is to record company transactions into its accounting system. This can be detailed work involving many transactions like purchases and shipments. A bookkeeper may also be required to produce timely financial reports, like internal financial statements or budget reports, for management. A bookkeeper might also be in charge of payroll, quarterly tax payments, and sales tax returns.

Educational Requirements

Bookkeepers are generally required to have some accounting and computer knowledge. As 99.9% of companies use computerized accounting systems, it is important to know how to use popular accounting software like Quickbooks, Quicken, MYOB, and others. Most small companies do not require bookkeepers to have a formal accounting education. If you are aiming for a job in a larger company, you may be expected to have a two-year degree or associate’s degree in accounting or finance. Most bookkeepers receive most of their training on the job since all businesses operate differently.

Bookkeeper Employers

Almost all companies have a bookkeeper in one way or another. Many small businesses can’t afford to hire a full time bookkeeper, so another person in the organization usually takes care of the bookkeeping. Both public and private companies as well as small, mid-sized, and large companies need bookkeepers. Every business whether in retail, manufacturing, or service based businesses like law firms, and chiropractic and dental offices.

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