Accounting Topics

Since the study of accounting includes such a broad range of topics and complexities, I decided to break up My Accounting Course into three major categories: basic, intermediate, and advanced. This accounting course structure is similar to the way most colleges set up their accounting courses and programs.


Basic Accounting Course

The basic accounting course covers most of the simple and initial topics like debits and credits, accounting principles, accounting framework, the accounting equation and more. This section is for you if you are new to accounting or need a refresher course on fundamental accounting principles.



Intermediate Accounting Course

The intermediate accounting course covers some of the same concepts as the basic course but in a little more detail. I also delve into more complicated accounting topics like lease accounting, time value of money, investment accounting, and more. The intermediate course is for you if you have a good understanding of debits and credits and are looking for more information about more complex topics.



Advanced Accounting Course

The advanced accounting course is the most complex course in my accounting course. I talk about complex partnership transactions, accounting theory, and even some governmental accounting. Check out the advanced accounting course if you understand the intermediate stuff and are looking to expand your accounting knowledge even further.



Here are my three courses. Choose which one is right for you. As always, all of my online accounting courses are available for free!



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