Financial Ratios




Match the account with the statement it is reported on by entering the correct number in the questions column. Once you click off the number field, your results will appear. Your score will be tallied at the bottom. To restart the quiz, simply click the reset button at the bottom. Good Luck!


Number Results
Gross Margin
Net Sales
Operating Income
Net Sales
Total Liabilities
Total Assets
Current Assets
Current Liabilities
Retained Earnings
Net Income
Net Income
Average Total Assets
Cash & Equilalents
Current Liabilites
Total Dividends
Net Income


1. Gross Margin Ratio
2. Cash Ratio
3. Current Ratio
4. Debt Ratio
5. Dividend Payout
6. Equity Ratio
7. Operating Margin
8. Return on Assets
9. Profit Margin Ratio
10. Retension Rate

Possible points: 8

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