Accounting Cycle Word Scrambles




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1. Business transactions are recorded as:

ojrulna ritseen

journal entries

2. Transferring account balances from ledger accounts to trial balances is called _________ account balances.



3. Income statement accounts are closed at the end of a period to what temporary account?


Income Summary Account

4. Account format that displays credits, debits, totals, and a heading.

t ncoacut

t account

5. Ledger accounts are first posted to an ______________ before adjustments are made.

Uejstnudad Artli Alnbeac

Unadjusted Trial Balance

6. Changes made to account balances at year end before preparing the adjusted trial balance.

Jnasitdug Isneert

Adjusting Entries

7. Journal entries record activities from what?

esbnuiss nattnisrosca

business transactions

8. The next trial balance created after the unadjusted trial balance in the accounting cycle.

Dedujsta Tirla Nacebla

Adjusted Trial Balance

9. What is prepared after the adjusted trial balance is made?

lianinafc tnesstaetm

financial statements

10. Journal entries made after the financial statements are prepared.

Slcongi Ensiert

Closing Entries

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