Accounting Principles Fill in the Blank Questions




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1. According to the ——– owners and companies must be accounted for separately.

business entity concept

2. The ——— concept states that businesses should be treated as if they will continue to stay in business.

going concern

3. The ——— assumption maintains that goods and services must be measured in currency without regard to inflation.

monetary unit

4. The time period assumption or the ——– assumption assumes business activities can be divided into time periods.


5. Fixed assets are reported at their ——– on the balance sheet.

historical cost

6. The ——– principle states that income is recorded when earned.

revenue recognition

7. The ——- principle states that expenses must be recorded with corresponding revenues in the same period.


8. The ——– states that any information necessary for decision making should be included in the financial statement footnotes.

full disclosure

9. According to the ——– principle, some financial information is not worth retrieving.

cost benefit

10. The ——– separates accounting information into two groups: de minimis and significant.

materiality concept

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